Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Directly To Jail...

Do not pass go.  So finally I'm getting around to posting photos from the last day in San Francisco.  Ashley and I head to Alcatraz!!

After Alcatraz got shut down as a prison in 1963, there was an eighteen month period when some native Americans took over the island.

If you ever get to San Francisco you should definitely take time to see Alcatraz.   Included is an audio tour that walks you through the cellblocks.  Some of the cells are set up the way they would have been when the penitentiary was working.  Here's a little known fact.  A penitentiary is for penance.  There is no hope of rehabilitation.  it is said that those who can't behave in society go to prison.  Those that can't behave in prison go to Alcatraz.  The rock.

You know who was in Alcatraz?  Al Capone.

Miss Bindergarten went with us and got in trouble by stepping out of bounds.  She always seems to get in trouble when we're together.

On the ferry ride back to the wharf we ran into Jackie Onassis!!

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  1. Get thee back to the Rock ASAP. It was so much fun.