Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Made It To San Francisco

I made it!  Following are notes I made while on the train and have only now gotten to be able to hook up with wi-fi.  I will post more updated stuff later.  Just know I made it!  Ashley has given me a great quick tour of San Francisco and now we are enjoying her home.  Drinking beer, wine, tequila and Jamieson's and getting ready for ribs on Rowan's last night of Spring Break.  This is gonna be great!

Wednesday. 2:20 PM.  This is so cool.  I have my own little roomette.  Not real big but private and with a bunk that folds down for sleeping.  The shower is just down the hall and I am in need!  There is an upstairs where the windows are floor to ceiling which will mean more as we head out into the plains and Rockies.  I’ve already gotten lost, came downstairs and all my stuff was gone.  Oh wait, wrong room.  Sorry.  Tom is my conductor and he seems like a fine fellow.  The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest is getting really good so I’m going to quit now and go read for a bit.

My Roomette

Tom My Conductor

7:00 AM. Waking up in the flat, flat, flat part of the country.  I had a great sleep in my roomette.  Getting dressed is a bit of a challenge.  I have decided to not shave until I’m on firmer ground.  Excellent breakfast except for the announcement that an avalanche somewhere between here and San Francisco means the train will go no further than Reno.  Huh?  No one heard of a shovel?  I’m going to have to scramble and do some figgerin’.  The adventure has become an adventure.
11:50 PM.  We’re about to pull out of Denver, destination unknown.  As we pulled into Denver we were informed that we would be put up for the night in Denver and then try to get out tomorrow.  At first I was going to stay on the train and take my chances in Reno but was informed of a big bowling tournament in Reno that had taken up all the hotel rooms.  So I quickly pack (stuff everything into by bag) and jump off and into the Denver station.  Once inside they instructed us there would be no accomodations provided in Denver but that they would be provided for us in Reno.  Got that?  Me neither but if you hurry you can get back on the train.  Thank you for all your patience and understanding as we deal with Mother Nature.  
12:30 PM.  I think.  We’ve changed time zones a couple times and my computer clock don’t know it.  My cell phone is apparently confused as it is refusing to show any time.  Anyway we just entered Moffatt Tunnel at 6.1 miles long the longest railroad tunnel in the United States.  Prior to the building of the tunnel our trip over the Great Divide took 5-6 hours.  Now we can do it in 12 minutes.  As we exit the tunnel you will be able to see the ski lifts and trails of Winter Park.  Thank you for riding with Amtrak.  Now I gotta go have my lunch.
4:30 PM.  The ride from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado is absolutely gorgeous.  I am finding so many places I want to come back and explore.  Even Ottumwa, Iowa looks fun!  But right now we are up in the high canyon country of the Rockies.  Red rocks, steep canyon walls and scrawny dogs barking at trains behind houses put in the middle of god knows where for god knows what reason.  I was able to get just enough time on someone’s wi-fi in Glenwood Springs for a quick post on Facebook.  For those of you from there thanks.  I have finished The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (I won’t spoil it for you Janine!).  A train ride is a great way to completely relax and read.  Or write.  Or just look out the window.  Ever wonder what’s on the other side of that canyon wall?  There’s an app for that!  Actually there isn’t.  You’re going to have to put away all your devices and go for a hike.

Saturday AM. Woke up fairly early, before dawn in Nevada.  And the announcement that there would be busses to get us from Reno to Emeryville / San Francisco.  Yeah!!  I had breakfast with John from Sioux City, Iowa and Peter from Stockholm, Sweden.  Nevada is beautiful.  We are traveling through scrubby desert with huge mountain backdrops that seem to rise out of the earth for no particular reason.  

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