Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Brunch at 98 Cortland, San Francisco

I could get used to this.  Sleep late, go for a jog up and down the hills of San Francisco, drink coffee and enjoy meeting up with old friends for brunch at Ashley and Sabin's and then out to see the Pacific for the first time in my life.

Sabin left early to drop off Rowan for his return to college.  Ashley went to Zumba.  I did not.  I got to take a nice walk (the uphills) and run (the downhills).  Then Charlene Smith and Flip Casey joined us for the most delicious brunch of mimosas, sourdough French toast, bacon, mimosas, sausage, fruit salad and mimosas.  Afterwards we enjoyed champagne and orange juice while we played three very intense (boys against the girls) games of Trivial Pursuit.  As I see it since the first 2 games were just practice, the boys won.

We got out to see the Pacific Ocean just as the rains set in.

The Pacific Ocean.  No really it's out there.

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